Available Pomeranian Puppies

We only have 1 puppy left, and 2 adults available to pet homes only, both are incredible, photo'd below. 

We do not plan to have anymore puppies available until next year. We welcome you to join next years waiting list, the waiting list fee is $1,000 which is credited toward the total purchase price of the puppy you choose. The waiting list is available to companion (pet) homes only. We no longer sell to breeders we don't know.

Please note: White pomeranian puppies are $4,500 - $15,000 depending on overall quality, those grown out that have show potential are $15,000+; all other colors are $2,500-$5,000. 

Pricing is based on overall quality, parents, pedigree, color, size, temperament, and gender.


Snowball is the last available puppy from Stunner. This is your last chance to own a Stunner baby!

We are not negotiable on his price. We are happy to have him stay here with us. He appears to have a teddy bear face like his daddy!

He is the very last available Stunner baby, ever! 

We are keeping his brother! 

Please view Stunner on our boys page for an example of what he will look like full grown!

Please contact me only if seriously interested in making him apart of your family. 


White Diamond

White Diamond was imported from Taiwan to be apart of our breeding program and family. She is almost 4 years old. Unfortunately she has not been able to breed for us, and we must make room for another baby, it was a difficult decision but we would like to find a loving companion home for her. She is one of the most beautiful and sweet pomeranians I have ever met, I am very sad to let her go.

Please contact me only if seriously interested in making her apart of your family. 


Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily is a fantastic pomeranian female, her coat is HUGE! She is high-spirited, so much fun, full of life and love, and overall an amazing, easy to fall in love with girl! She comes from wonderful champion lines and has many champions in her pedigree. She is directly from Australia!

Tiger Lily is retired, she is available to a companion home. She will be spayed prior to leaving. 



Below are albums of some of our past pomeranian puppies for an example of the quality, these puppies are already in their loving homes. 

We would like to thank all of the wonderful families who have provided our puppies with amazing loving homes!

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