Below are photos of our pomeranian puppies in their new homes! We are blessed to have found such great people to care for and love our pomeranians. Thank you all so very much for giving our puppies amazing homes.

Brenda and Paul, thank you for choosing our baby! We couldn't have found a better family for Mirage! Your son is just adorable and we loved how excited you all were to finally meet her! We know you were waiting such a long time to finally get her, you were very patient and sweet, we appreciate you as people and as a home for our angel!

Brenda and Paul's Breeder Review

"I love pomeranians, so I searched for the right breeder and God led me to K Pomeranians and I knew that they were the right breeder for us. I sent an email through their website and I received an answer a few minutes later from Anna (the owner). She was so nice and I told her what I was looking for in my new pomeranian. She was very professional and after some time we received the best puppy for us with all the characteristics that we wanted. We are the most happy family since our white fluffy puppy is here with us. Actually, we are so happy, that we are considering to purchase another puppy from K Pomeranians. We really recommend this breeder for their ethics and professionalism. Thank you so much Anna for everything.' - BRENDA & PAUL

I'm so happy that our Walter found his perfect family! Shelby, you and your husband are just the cutest couple, and I know this little guy will get all the love and attention he deserves with the two of you! <3 The photos you sent me of you and Walter are just beautiful, you two look great together! <3 You were so full of excitement and so sweet at every meeting, I just knew from the first day we met that you'd be the perfect mommy for this little guy. I even told Justin that you guys are sooooo perfect for little Walter the first day we met you! Thank you for choosing him to be your new baby! <3

Shelby's Breeder Review

"We feel so lucky and blessed to have found kpoms. The breeder is absolutely adorable and has made this whole process so comforting! Being new to this whole puppy searching process she walked us through every step of the way! Literally every step, I would contact her at all hours of the day and night and she always responded to me so quickly. Not only did she email me updated pictures of Walter weekly, but she started calling him by his name right away. I felt so comfortable knowing Walter was in such loving hands from the start. I have told all my friends and family about her, hoping they will find their little fluffs of love soon! I think Walter will be needing a sister in the near future and I know exactly who to call!!!!!" - SHELBY

I have to say that I am so very happy that our Chubz, now Bhontu, found such a great home. He is in a companion home where he is loved and appreciated very much. I had the opportunity to visit him and his new family about a month after he went to his new home and he was so happy and full of life; I could tell he has a great home and is being very well taken care of. I am so glad that he went to you Diya, your love for him is exactly what I want for my babies, thank you so much for welcoming him into your home and life.

Diya's Breeder Review

"I cannot express in words the amount of happiness this bundle of joy brings to me. He is an extremely loving fellow with lots of energy and life. He will give you unlimited kisses and puppy hugs unconditionally. Kudos to Anna, she is an awesome person and takes care of the pups with all her heart. If you're looking for a puppy, this is the place to be. I'm sure you'll be taking home a loving companion and create memories for the rest of your life." - DIYA

Fur-ball, now Pippin, has found a wonderful family life with Kim and her daughters. I know by her enthusiasm and big heart that he would have the perfect home with her! I couldn't imagine a better home for Pippin' and I can only imagine how much attention he is getting and how spoiled rotten he is. <3 I am so grateful that he has found such a perfect family to be a part of. Thank you Kim for welcoming him into your heart! <3

Kim's Breeder Review

"Pippin is our new precious little gem and he has it all, charisma, intelligence, confidence, and he is a fluffy, sassy, little ball of fire. He easily charms everyone he meets with his eager little attitude and expressive eyes. He has kissed, hugged, and snuggled his way right into our hearts and lives as though he already knew he belonged there. Anna, after reading your heartfelt introduction declaring your love of Poms and to do everything you could to, "aide in the preservation of our beautiful Pomeranians", I knew we shared a love for the breed in common and I decided your puppies were absolutely for me! I knew they would be loved and cherished from the moment they were born and that your mission would be to find every puppy their perfect forever home!" - KIM

Elizabeth and Greg, I just want to say that I am ridiculously excited that Snookie (Bella Bear) went to you! Your home is absolutely stunning; I can only imagine how spoiled rotten she will be! Thank you for these beautiful photos of her! I cannot stop looking at them; your photography skills are amazing, I know I've told you about 1000 times now! I'm very excited to see more and more photos of her as she grows, and cant wait to hear about all of the silly/cute things she will do as time goes by!

Elizabeth and Greg's Breeder Review

"Anna was just wonderful to work with during our search for our new family member. It's apparent that she is completely invested in making sure that her puppies go to a safe, stable, and loving home. I had so many questions and a little fit of anxiety during the process and Anna is so knowledgeable and patient and really soothed my worries. She hand delivered our Bella Bear (Snookie) to us in Overland Park and brought along some thoughtful goodies to get us started. I have nothing but admiration for Anna and the way she approaches breeding these beautiful Pomeranian puppies, one litter at a time and with lots of love." - ELIZABETH & GREG

Our little Star, now Roxy, went to a wonderful young lady who now calls her Roxy. She is such a cuddle bug and gives the sweetest kisses. Niko and I will be missing this little love very much, but we are so happy she has found such a great home. We look forward to seeing her shine in AKC dog shows. Thank you so much for the photos and for choosing one of our babies to be a part of your family.

Veronica's Breeder Review

"We are so excited to add a precious angel to our family and her name is Roxy. She's lovable and playful and our little fur ball of joy and we absolutely can't wait to see what the future holds for our family! Thank you to Anna, we have the perfect little girl who finally came home." - VERONICA

This wonderful young gentleman went to a great home in Missouri. His new owner plans to show him to his championship. We look forward to watching him grow and kick $@%! in AKC dog shows! The man of the house is going to have to cope without this beautiful sweet little guy as he is his favorite, sorry Justin. In our home we called him Wolfman, it just suits him well even though we think he's cream sable. We will miss you Wolfman, have fun in your new home. Love you, my little stunner! Thank you Sheri for choosing him as your new love bug, I cant wait to see him get his title!

Sheri's Breeder Review

"This is my future show champion, Wolfman! Thank you Anna of K Poms!!!!! You define what a Pom buying experience should be! You are a wonderful, caring person I am honored to call my friend! I cherish our passion of loving Poms! You work with people and you care who your babies go to! I will forever be a reference for you!!!" - SHERI

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