Show Champion Sired Pomeranian

Stunner, Sired by a Show Champion of Taiwan

I have no words to describe how amazing of a stud Stunner is; he comes from the best white pomeranian breeder in the world, located in Taiwan. The US is lacking in quality white pomeranians, and I feel so blessed to be able to work with his breeder and get one of the best white poms out there. In the middle photo his coat is trimmed, but it shows off his amazing structure. Stunner has a gorgeous teddy bear face and extremely thick coat, both of which he tends to put on his puppies more often than not. He is my baby and the heart of my white pomeranian puppy breeding program!

AKC Show Champion Pomeranian

Champion Indy

Champion Indy is a gorgeous representation of what a pomeranian should look like, he is quite the stud, he obtained his AKC show champion title very quickly, and has points toward a grand champion title. He has produced some amazing pomeranian puppies and is a very sweet, loving boy! Indy was our first stud, and has now retired to a loving companion home, although he thoroughly enjoyed his job!

AKC Show Champion Pomeranian

Champion Russ

Champion Russ comes to us from one of the best pomeranian breeders in the US. Russ is a beautiful champion parti pomeranian stud; beautiful face, great structure, and fantastic large coat! His photos do not do him any justice, it had rained the morning I took photos and he got a bit wet in the grass! He is small weighing in at 4 lbs and loves the ladies! He has been producing some gorgeous pom puppies for us, for both show and companionship!

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